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Have your vehicle serviced at an RAC Approved Garage and get your free RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan!

To help motorists, RAC have developed the RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan. The plan is given to customers free of charge at the time of a service at a RAC Approved Garage.

The plan covers up to £750 of repairs should your vehicle fail its next MOT test.

  • The RAC MOT Check & Repair Plan is free of charge
  • Peace of mind that if your vehicle needs work to pass its MOT, the plan will cover the cost of specific repairs up to the value of £750

How does this all work?

Customers having their vehicle serviced at an RAC Approved Garage have an RAC Vehicle Health Check carried out alongside the service. If any remedial items highlighted on the check are repaired and the vehicle is eligible, the garage registers and provides the customer with a plan.

Which customers receive a Free MOT Check & Repair Plan?

All private/retail customers having their vehicle serviced at an RAC Approved Garage and whose vehicle is eligible. To be eligible vehicles must be:

  • Under 10 years old and covered less than 100,000 miles at the time the plan is registered.
  • Have any remedial items identified on the health check, repaired at the garage within 7 days.
  • The next legally due MOT test is NOT due within 90 days.
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